Dana Freiburg has been organizing and practicing Interior Design for more than 20 years. Her simple philosophy “organization is central for work life to be in balance” spawned the name of her company: Organization Central. Dana helps busy, overwhelmed professionals, executives and small business entrepreneurs develop customized systems to improve their work and life. As a result her clients fall in love with their spaces, because when they get organized, they regain control and can focus on what matters most to them, find balance and finally enjoy their success. Dana's passionate about creating customized solutions for individual needs. Whether her client desires a beautiful, inspiring office space, systems for paper or digital clutter, or solutions for a mobile work environment, Dana delivers and delights! As an Evernote Business Certified Consultant she help companies harness the power of Evernote to improve communication, facilitate collaboration and streamline daily operations. Find her at Dana@OrganizationCentral.Com
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